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Wealth Horizon: The Life You Want to Live

Jerri Miller sends each first time client home with a journal and she wants them to think. She asks, “What does your perfect life look like?” Her question opens up the possibilities for her new clients to think about what is really important in their lives. “What are your dreams? When do you want to retire? What is the life you want to live?”

Jerri knows that dreams don’t make themselves come true, that it takes a plan and is all about people seeing the big picture, and showing them how by making small changes, they can live the life they want to live! Jerri founded Wealth Horizon, Inc. to help people make their dreams come true. No matter if the dream is starting a new business or sending children to a particular college, the personal attention allows clients to feel like they are with family (that happens to know a lot about managing money.). Contact Wealth Horizon Inc. to work with an advisor that puts your dreams at the center of your financial goals.