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Inflation in the Nation: Talking Financial Fitness with Roger S Green.

In this episode of “Your Green” with Roger S Green, we talk about inflation and what everyone needs to know when it comes to preserving your financial fitness in today’s economy. Inflation is in the headlines and folks want to know what that means for their retirement and savings.

Everyone is feeling the impact of inflation in the nation today. We notice it at checkout counter in the grocery store or when the price of other goods and services we regularly budget for each week cost more. As inflation goes up, the buying power of our income goes down. That doesn’t feel great for anyone, especially when you seem to be working harder for less. If inflation is effecting your day to day, then it will also impact your future.

Inflation is something frequently overlooked in retirement planning. Inflation can be defined as an overall upward price movement of goods and services in our economy as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and it is what makes most things cost more today than they did in prior years. Because ongoing inflation increases the cost of goods and services, it takes away the buying power of your money. You will need more money to live on in the future than you need currently to maintain your standard of living, and this is very important to keep in mind when setting goals for retirement.

Why is this important to your retirement planning?

Inflation turns your retirement goals into moving targets. You want to be able to afford the things you need and want in retirement, often years in the future; so inflation must be accounted for in your planning.

Inflation doesn’t stop at retirement, so if you retire at age 65, the income you will need will effectively double every 24 years (by age 89) if a 3% average annual inflation rate continued during that time frame.

With today’s earlier retirements and long life spans, many people may see two or more doubling in cost during their retirement period, depending on the inflation rate.

Your retirement planning must include planning for the impact of inflation. For most people, simply saving is not sufficient and they need growth, earnings, and the power of compounding on their money – even throughout retirement – to help their assets grow enough to keep pace with inflation.

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