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Crumbl Cookie Craze!

They come soft and gooey, thin and crunchy, and the average American will eat 35,000 of them in a lifetime. We’re talking about cookies! The chocolate-chip cookie was first born 80 years ago. And over the following decades we’ve seen countless kinds of cookies get packaged and sold in almost limitless variations. People love cookies. You can bake them at home. You can buy them at the grocery store by the bag full. You can order them from a bakery for the holidays. They can be found in the food court or the drive-thru. Cookies are literally everywhere! So, it would seem like the cookie business wouldn’t have much more to offer than it already does. Then … enter Crumbl Cookies!

Crumbl Cookies and its trendy, TikTok-famous treats seem to be to be rollin’ in the cookie dough these days and we have one right here in Gwinnett and more stores on the way. Located in Lawrenceville, and soon to open in Buford and Snellville, these shops often have lines out the door! It’s true, these dense and delicious cookies have given many local sweet tooths something to pose and smile about! It’s not just any ol box of cookies either. It’s a box of beloved treasures that are here today and gone by next week, giving new meaning to the phrase, “flavor of the week!”

Folks at your work are probably sharing the menu right now like it’s headline news!
“Did you hear the new flavors this week? OMG… Cookie Butter Ice Cream and Blueberry Cheesecake!”

“Oh my LAWD!” Someone responds, “Let’s go there for lunch!”

We’re telling ya, this crumble craze is for real! For those few that haven’t stood in line for your own custom box of goodness, just know this ain’t your mama’s Pillsbury mix. But they are warm from the oven! This also isn’t your food-court cookie store. And hey, we aren’t throwing shade at the Great American “Double Doozie” because that thing is still a national treasure.
What we are saying is that a pink box of Crumbl Cookies might just be the hottest cookie brand since Mrs. Fields invented her cookie franchise empire!

Crumbl Cookies was founded in 2017 by Utah cousins Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley, who were set on creating the most supreme “tech-driven bakery.”
McGowan and Hemsley formed this empire with quality as the overlying factor of reputation and seamlessness. They knew that with the right technology, their cookie success would soon go viral. Offering weekly flavors and serving cookies straight out of the oven, Crumbl has upheld its social media “hype.” The taste itself is delicious, but the advertisement behind it is what makes Crumbl a nationwide sensation.

Once something becomes a trend these days, it’s hard not to join the party. And if the Joneses are putting pictures on their Instagram or making TikToks in line to get some, then it’s not just a cookie anymore, it’s a status symbol!

Who would have thought cookies could be a status symbol? I mean, we had always hoped and dreamed but never thought we’d get here. You gotta love this country!

Get some today!