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10 Apps for a Happier, Healthier Life

If you are like millions of Americans, you have a desire to embrace a healthier lifestyle. But, let’s face it. Life is busy. The increasing ties between the health and wellness industry and technology make it easier than ever to track your progress and move toward a healthier lifestyle. Fitness-focused technology such as FitBit and Apple Watch help health-conscious people track their progress and celebrate fitness milestones. Now, whether you want an easy solution to track your health and fitness or you’re looking to explore new avenues to healthy and happiness, chances are there’s an app for that.

Here are a few of the top health-related phone apps to support your goal of a happier, healthier you in the years ahead.


This app provides easy access to short, guided meditation sessions to facilitate better sleep, reduce anxiety, and manage stress. A 10-day beginner’s course guides you through the essentials of meditation and mindfulness and themed sessions support you in more headspace and less stress for the long haul. Learn more:

Day One Journal

This award-winning journal app offers an aesthetically pleasing layout that lets users pair writing and photos for a montage of memories and a place to process life. Journaling has been proven to support overall health and reduce the stress of everyday life. This app allows you to add drawings or audio recordings to journal entries and access them across multiple platforms. Lean more:


Brain plasticity is all the rage when it comes to the latest findings in neuroscience research on health and aging. Lumosity brings together more than 60 cognitive games to train your brain through fun games that challenge your speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem-solving. Plus, you can boost your math and language skills. Learn more:


Ever wanted to have a personal trainer but felt strapped for cash or limited by the travel time to get to the right gym? Fitplan gives you the option to work out with top trainers and provides motivating tips on fitness and nutrition. Learn more:


This health journal tracks the things that influence how you feel. Particularly helpful for those who experience recurrent symptoms, such as headaches, anxiety, or brain fog, the app has journal and photo capabilities along with its signature symptom tracker. Learn more:


Ever wanted to master a habit? Try Fabulous, a science-based app developed by Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab. This app helps you to rewire your brain and automate ritual behavior. Learn more:


Anyone who is managing a chronic disease or condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, will love Lark. Many healthcare professionals are fans as well because the app includes health data monitoring from smart devices and a link to support healthy habits and scalable care. Learn more:


Access to 100 guided meditations and “sleep stories” plus sleep education. Scores of the sleepless swear by it. Learn more:

7 Minute Workout

No time for an hour at the fitness center? Try the 7-minute workout designed by an exercise physiology pro to help people maximize results through short, impactful workouts. The pioneering app includes 22 customizable workouts plus 72 exercises for people on the go. Learn more:

Sleep Cycle

Forget the abrasive alarm that disrupts your day right from the start. This app tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep. Learn more: