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Single-Gender Education

At Riverside Military Academy, (RMA) we are not just a school; we are an organization that provides a life changing experience for young men.

Each activity-filled day at Riverside is structured around young men in grades 7-12 and their development.

Our single-gender classrooms offer powerful advantages such as fewer distractions, more open discussions, smaller class sizes, curriculum and lessons that engage young men, and individual opportunities to help each one achieve his maximum potential in every academic area.

Military Model of Education

The military model is a proven system that utilizes leadership, regimen, and a code of ethics to build a young man.

By minimizing the distractions of teenage life, we create conditions that lend themselves to success while building confidence in each and every cadet.

Riverside focuses on the whole person, helping boys to develop in a positive and structured environment. RMA does this by offering a regimented college prep curriculum, immersed in a context defined by the military model.


Our unique and diverse Corps of Cadets population includes over 540 cadets from 25 states and 23 nations.

Rigorous academic program featuring AP and Honors classes along with a formal U.S. Service Academy preparatory program.

RMA offers a thriving fine arts program, 14 varsity sports and over 15 clubs and organizations.
The class of 2017 earned over $6.5 million in non-HOPE collegiate scholarships and were accepted into over 120 different universities including U.S. Military Academy; U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Mercer University, UGA, GA Tech and more.

Leadership and Character Development

RMA has a focus that is unique compared to other schools. We place emphasis on character development, social responsibility, integrity, leadership skills, and other time-honored values that are simply not found in most schools today.

By the time your son leaves RMA, he will be a young man of substance, clearly ahead of his peers in terms of accountability, self-discipline, poise, achievement, and leadership.

Riverside Military Academy
Gainesville GA

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