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17 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Private School

  1. Is the school accredited by the state?
  2. What is the admission policy?
  3. How much is the yearly tuition?
  4. Is there an enrollment fee?
  5. What is the ratio of students to teachers?
  6. What credentials do the teachers have?
  7. What is the discipline policy?
  8. Are there extracurricular classes such as band or drama etc?
  9. Are there competitive or intramural sports teams to join?
  10. Do they offer special education services for students who have IEP’s?
  11. Does the school serve children with special needs?
  12. Do students participate in field trips outside the school?
  13. What standardized tests do they administer, and what are the results?
  14. Do you offer foreign language classes?
  15. Does the school participate in the GA Private School Tax Credit Scholarship program?
  16. What (if any) are the religious affiliations of the school?
  17. What is the total number of students?