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2020 Won’t Stop Christmas from Coming.

In fact, if you’ve been following social media, it seems that families that normally waited until after Thanksgiving to decorate their houses jumped into the holiday cheer earlier than ever this year! It makes a lot of sense really. People need some hope, joy and love this year and they need it more than ever!

Who knows, maybe the sooner the trees go up … the sooner we will realize that even in a year like 2020 we have so much to be grateful for.

No matter what your holiday tradition, Gwinnett’s cities are usually well into decorating mode by the second week of November. And it’s nothing new that malls and big box stores deck the halls even sooner than that! The difference this year is that scores of masked-up customers seem to actually be enjoying it this year! Complaints about consumerism at Christmas are down by 64% this year on a national index. One Atlanta radio station even started playing Christmas music all day during the election just as a form of escapism!

The holiday season has always served as a reminder to keep loved ones close to us and to cherish every moment. It can also be a nostalgic time when we look back on the years past and reminisce about days gone by. It can be a joy to go through family photos and videos and time travel back to yesteryear. Remember the good ol’ days! But before we get too deep into the past, let’s also remember the lesson of many Christmas carols and take the time to treasure each precious moment of our current Christmas season. Even if it is 2020.

While it is sure to be like no other, there is still a ton of stuff we can do and stay safe.   

Much of our normal holidays events have gone virtual this year, just like schools and some businesses. Braselton has decided to stream their annual Tree Lighting online with Santa as the guest appearance for storytime! Norcross has hopped onboard with the virtual trend as well, announcing that the city will be streaming their annual Tree Lighting over Facebook Live.

Other cities are determined to continue their annual traditions but with added safety measures of course. Snellville, Duluth, Auburn, and Peachtree Corners will still be holding their annual Tree Lightings in-person.

But the festivities don’t end with tree lightings. Magic will be happening in Lawrenceville on December 12th during the city’s Merry Little Christmas Experience & Fireworks Show. Head to Downtown Lawrenceville for a chance to watch holiday classics from the comfort of your car, say hi to Santa, and more!

Say you’re more of the outdoorsy type—then Stone Mountain Christmas’s got you covered! Live in the moment on park attractions like Summit Skyride, Scenic Railroad, and more while taking in the dazzling lights and festive music.

Winter activities will be available at Lake Lanier throughout the holiday season as well. While it’s officially bidding the long-running Magical Night of Lights goodbye, new things are in store. Firstly, the Lakeside Lights Spectacular is replacing the Magical Night of Lights as Lake Lanier’s light show. But it doesn’t stop there—Lake Lanier is now featuring Blizzard Mountain Snow Tubing among other activities in the snow. Snow in Georgia!

If you’d like a more relaxed experience, the Northeast Atlanta Ballet will be showcasing their performance of “The Nutcracker” at the Infinite Energy Center from November 27th to November 29th. Enjoy this classic holiday showcase with anyone of any age!

Or you can think outside of the box and introduce your kids to the 1980s holiday nostalgia and visit a decorated Babyland General just a few miles north as we do in the video.  

Of course, if all that fails … then you can always just binge watch Christmas movies on Hallmark until 2021 comes! (Admit it, every year you at least accidentally get sucked into watching at least 12 of these.)