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23-Year Teaching Veteran is Archer’s Top Educator this Year

The title of being Archer High School’s Teacher of the Year, so graciously earned by Mrs. Dyer, does not begin to encompass the impact she makes day in and day out, in both the community and the world.

Starting her teaching career in 1995, Mrs. Dyer has dedicated 23 years of her life to making a difference in the lives of students. With a master’s degree in English, Mrs. Dyer has taught Language Arts across various grades, as well as AP Language Arts in high school.

Although her class testing scores reflect highly of her skills, Mrs. Dyer has an incomparable character that sets her apart from the rest. Her incredible patience and grace illuminate the nobility of the teaching profession in knowing that the role of being a teacher extends past academics. In teaching the material for the class, Mrs. Dyer also embeds valuable life lessons, impacting students in a deeper, more meaningful way. Emphasizing the significance of a strong work ethic in the real world, Mrs. Dyer will often remind students of her favorite phrase, “You reap what you sow, more than you sow, and later than you sow.”

Mrs. Dyer pushes her classes to strive for success, both in and out of school, setting high expectations that show students their own potential. Her genuine care and concern for her student’s education and well-being is what makes a difference within the individual lives of these young adults and to the school as a whole.

Wife to Archer’s head football coach, and mother of two, Mrs. Dyer stays involved and busy in the community. From sport events to read-a-thons, Mrs. Dyer is always ready to show support for her school and be interactive with her students. However, Mrs. Dyer’s natural calling to help others takes her well beyond the community. Traveling twice to Curitiba, Brazil, on mission trips, Mrs. Dyer helped run day camps at the local orphanages for the children. Mrs. Dyer’s unremitting passion impacts not only those in her home town, but children in other countries as well.

The Archer community is extraordinarily fortunate and grateful for Mrs. Dyer’s time and dedication poured into the school and for the impact of her honorable teaching.