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Assistant Principal Jana Czerwonky: Bringing New Experience and a Fresh Perspective to GSMST

As Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology expands, it welcomes new members into its community. This year, Ms. Jana Czerwonky joins the school as a new assistant principal bringing her experience and ingenuity to what she calls “an innovative school that focuses on science mathematics and engineering.”

She may be new to GSMST, but Ms. Czerwonky is quite familiar with Gwinnett County. She has worked as a teacher for 26 years spanning all grades levels and facets of the educational profession. She began teaching in elementary school for nine years. Eventually seeking change, she moved over to a middle school opening at Berkmar middle school and staying there for an additional 12 years. Ms. Czerwonky then went on to open Coleman Middle School. She enjoys the opportunity to open new schools and as she says, “there is an excitement about establishing things…establishing precedent for what you want to create.”

Now in her first year as an assistant principal and working at GSMST, she strives implement this prior history enriching our school. As an assistant principal she is technically tasked with overseeing assessment and attendance. However, Ms. Czerwonky explains that her favorite part of the job is “working with teachers to develop methods that get kids excited about learning.” She enjoys working with the teachers implementing innovative teaching strategies pushing the limits of creativity in students.

Ms. Czerwonky also wishes to make improvements and additions to the school. GSMST has over the years retained a higher and higher portion of its student population allowing us to ensure we are educating as many students as possible. Ms. Czerwonky attributes this success to improved communication between administrators and students. She also aligns with a vision of GSMST as an innovative school, allowing teachers to engage in their professional content field and teach simultaneously. These expansions and improvements will hopefully facilitate a greater depth and flexibility to learning.

Ms. Jana Czerwonky brings a new perspective and a drive for improvement that I believe will leave a long-lasting positive impact on the school. One thing is certain, we are glad to have her.