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A Day in the Life of a Work-Based Busy Bee!

Written by Jaiden Arada, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Cherokee Bluff High School

Ashlee Armand is a senior at Cherokee Bluff High School. She is a part-time
student and has two internships. One internship is at the Atlanta Falcons’ practice facility for Emory graphic design and the other is with one of Cherokee Bluff’s staff members, Mr. Austin, helping out with graphic design. She is a very ambitious person and loves each aspect of these steps for her future.

Ashlee goes to the Falcons’ practice facility every morning from 8:30 to 10 a.m. She manages social media for Emory’s program called SPARK. She designs social media posts and other things for outreach within their program.

When she was a freshman, Ashlee took her first marketing class and has loved the idea of helping create outreach ever since. As she grew as a designer, she became more familiar with programs like Photoshop and the school vinyl printer. The knowledge she learned at the school helped her land the internship she has now.

When she was in an introduction class, she learned how businesses are always achieving. She heard that concept and it inspired her to help out our own school to achieve. When the pandemic hit, sports games at the school had to be socially distanced. As a reminder of the six-feet-apart rule, she designed floor stickers to be placed all over the school to help people adhere to the rules.

Although the stickers were very helpful, that was not the only thing she designed. Cherokee Bluff’s athletic director asked her to design the school’s football playoff tickets that had images of our own players on the physical ticket. All the players wanted their own tickets to keep as a souvenir! She mentioned to me that it was very rewarding to see her work being appreciated by the community.

Ashlee may be having a work-filled senior year, but this is only helping her progress toward her future. In her future, Ashlee plans to apply for a graphic design position at Cherokee Bluff High School. She wants to stay in the “CBHS Family” and continue to help out with the school. She’s not sure exactly what that scenario looks like – possibly working an additional parapro or a helper in the department overall. Whatever her future holds, Ashlee sure is excited about it and has certainly prepared herself to get to this point!