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A Local Holiday: Ridge Run

With Homecoming and Halloween, October is a particularly meaningful time of year for the students of Peachtree Ridge High School. But alongside the dancing and candy galore, the Ridge Lions celebrate a community-wide battle against cancer with their own noteworthy “holiday”: Ridge Run.

Held each October at Peachtree Ridge High School, Ridge Run is a 5K color run that aims to raise cancer awareness and money for Relay for Life. Since 2013, the run has been a pivotal event in the Lions’ fight against cancer. Raising nearly $70,000 over the past four years, Ridge Run has cemented itself as an impressive tradition that the Peachtree Ridge cluster looks forward to every single year.

In June 2017, a team of students began recruiting sponsorships for the event. Over the course of 3 months, students traveled around Suwanee, Lawrenceville, and Duluth, meeting with local business owners. With only a month left until the run, students are now hard at work advertising. Outreach groups have been assigned spots within the local community to promote the event. Social media is filled with colorful 5K flyers. From publicizing to documenting, Ridge Run is a student led endeavor that has proved to be successful in past years.

The fifth annual Ridge Run will be taking place on October 21st, 2017 at Peachtree Ridge High School. Further information and registration can be found on the Ridge Run website:

The Lions invite the community to join them in running through the rainbow. Despite the beloved, traditional autumn holidays, the Peachtree Ridge community awaits Ridge Run with unparalleled anticipation.

Halloween can wait. The fight against cancer cannot.