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A Neglected Love for Reading

My fondest memory from my elementary and middle school summers is gliding through the aisles of the library, picking out book after book. My eyes would skim over the plot summaries on the cover flaps as I attempted to rearrange the mountain of books in my arms before they crashed to the floor. I would fill my days and nights running through the corridors with Harry Potter and his friends or exploring a beach town with the main character of the new Sarah Dessen book.

School days were no different. I would visit my school library almost every day. I eagerly loaded my bookbag with books no matter the size, and would dash through the extremely small amount of homework to embark on a new adventure.

However, the time I dedicated to my novels was replaced with the time I dedicated to my studies in high school. I could no longer stay up until one in the morning to figure out if the murderer’s identity was revealed. My lamps now light my AP Economics notes instead of the brilliant designs of the New York Times best-sellers. As my future leers and grows larger above my head, I have made sacrifices to ensure my success in life.

Although it may seem that my life is consumed by dual enrollment courses and nightmares filled with integrals, reading still provides for me much-needed stress relief. While a STEM school offers a great deal to its students, being able to give my eyes a break from the glare of my laptop refreshes my brain for the next day. My love for reading has only grown fonder over the past four years even though my time dedicated to it has dwindled. My to-read lists continue to grow exponentially, and I anticipate the days when I am free to return to a night sky blanketed with words.