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Houston County is Soaring to New Heights

Houston County, founded on May 15, 1821 through a treaty with the Creek Indians, is located in central Georgia. In the past two centuries, Houston County has sent its militia to fight in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and World War I. During World War II, the United States Army Corps of Engineers took control of cotton fields in the northern part of the county and created an army depot called Robins Field.

Robins Field became a critical site for the war effort. Warner Robins city, named after General Augustine Warner Robins, flourished from this site and was incorporated as a city on March 5, 1943. Robins Field, currently known as Robins Air Force Base, is now the largest industrial installation in Georgia and employs the largest number of citizens, 24,500, in Houston County. Houston County’s economy is supported by a combination of industries such as aerospace, food processing, such as the Frito-Lay company, and Agribusiness which strives to increase the growth and development of agriculture in Georgia.

Houston County’s website names itself “Georgia’s Most Progressive County” and does a perfect job of describing the thriving environment. Their public school system is constantly recognized with many honors; 23 schools have been recognized as Georgia Schools of Excellence and four schools have been named National Blue Ribbon Schools. As one of the most rapidly growing communities in Georgia, Houston County’s economy is expected to have unparalleled growth in the coming decades. Due to the expected growth in population, Warner Robins is currently working on the WRATS Transportation Improvement Program. This program indicates urbanized area transportation priorities between 2018 and 2021 and how that area will apply financial resources to implement these projects. The major attractions available in Houston County such as the Museum of Aviation and the variety of unique shopping centers and dining options available to visitors will help keep Houston County’s name as “Georgia’s Most Progressive County”.