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A Promise to Our Students: The Highest-Quality Education Possible

“The Promise of Gwinnett.” It’s a phrase you will hear repeatedly and enthusiastically throughout the new school year. In late July, we launched a year-long campaign that focuses on the promise of every student who enters our schools, and on the promise we make to provide them the highest-quality education possible. The campaign was sparked by the Gwinnett County Board of Education’s new Core Beliefs and Commitments… an updated version that adds a compelling historical context to the original document that has guided the Board’s work since 2006.*

The new beliefs and commitments convey optimism and hope that is grounded in the foundations of what made America the greatest nation on earth. The statements ring with language that is inspiring and uplifting… words that carry within them the “promise” reflected throughout Gwinnett County Public Schools: In each child we see the hope of our nation; in every teacher, the potential builder of greatness in the next generation; in each leader, a champion for our shared purpose; in every school, a community centered on teaching and learning that can enhance the quality of life in profound ways. Every month during this school year a new theme will highlight the promising people, practices, and programs that make our school district exceptional.

In the midst of this intriguing political season, the word “promise” might be viewed with skepticism.  But we intend for “promise” to be a positive, encouraging word that says our schools can, do, and will make a substantial difference in the lives of students and our community. “The Promise of Gwinnett” will be a testament to the crucial role of public education in the continued prosperity of our great nation. For only public schools offer every child the educational opportunities that can open a world of possibilities they otherwise might never know.

At its heart, “The Promise of Gwinnett” is found in the collective talents, will, passion, and dedication of all who make up the Gwinnett community. Whatever our ages, backgrounds, or status, we are partners in the promise. We all are needed to bring it to life. As the Board’s beliefs say, we are many, but in our pursuit of the promise, we are one. We invite you to join us in celebrating “The Promise of Gwinnett.”

*You can find the Gwinnett County Board of Education’s Core Beliefs and Commitments at