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A Sweet Delight: Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Ice Cream Pub

Daddy O’Brien’s Gourmet Ice Cream and Dessert Pub is quickly becoming a hot spot in Gwinnett. The ice cream shop has rich Irish flavors and many alcohol infused desserts!

Daddy O’s recently opened a restaurant in Sugar Hill and brought quite an entry. Citizens who have been picking up their delicious flavors at local and city events were delighted to finally be able to enjoy their sweets at a permanent location.

“It is a tedious job,” said Lori O’Brien, co-founder of Daddy O’Brien’s. “There are times when we work on foot for 10-12 hours, but it is extremely rewarding. We really enjoy it.”

Because of the contemporary spin, people are drawn to the unique flavors the ice cream shop has to offer. Flavors like Caramel Crunch and Lucky Leprechaun are sure to grab the attention of the young ones as well as allow adults to enjoy the “grown up flavors.”

“Daddy O wanted to introduce his Irish culture to his ice cream flavors.” O’Brien said. “He saw the unique opportunity he had to bring forth a part of himself while bringing forth a bit of joy to his customers.” The owners were inspired to start their own business after they ran the Atlanta Special Events firm, which allowed them to serve ice cream at community events

Many people seem to enjoy his versatile flavors as well. The exotic flavors won them many awards from 2014-2016 including the National Ice Cream Realtors Association NICRA awards and Flavor of the Year for their Harry Potter themed Butter Beer Delight.