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These Cupcakes Are for Everyone, Not Just Divas

Nothing brings people together like the sweet concoctions created at Cupcake Diva Girlz in Dacula, Georgia. The owner, Ramona Hampton, created this locally renowned bakery shop with her own culinary skills and motivation, and runs it with the help of her family. Although the exterior of the bakery leaves much to the imagination, the interior, filled with glamorous decor and numerous pictures of past cakes, encourages you to try everything available! Ramona Hampton designed her store to mirror her cupcakes, full of excitement and glamour.

One would be astounded to discover a bakery that produces such extravagant and unique cakes in a small town such as Dacula. When asked about the most unique cake that she has ever made, Mrs. Hampton reminisces about a ten-tier wedding cake with handmade flowers that completely blew people away!

Cupcake Diva Girlz doesn’t only specialize in cakes that are out of this world; there are more than 120 cupcake flavors ready for customers to devour! Mrs. Hampton uses her grandmother’s recipes and just the right ingredients to bake her desserts from scratch. Mrs. Hampton and her family have customers craving numerous cupcakes, from Captain Krazy Krunch to Brownie Overboard. Not only is there a long list of possible flavors to try, the inexpensive cost and daily specials will leave you coming back for more. The first time I left Cupcake Diva Girlz with my box filled with a Cookies & Cream and a Birthday Cake cupcake, I was ready to savor the highly anticipated sweets just as other customers will in the future.