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She Has Been There for 21 First Days!

When entering Shiloh Middle School for the first time, we were surprised to find ourselves in a sea of kids from 4 different elementary schools. For most of us, this was the first major transition in our lives as students, and confusion and unfamiliarity took its toll on us as we tried to make the most of our first day. As we were opening the door to where we were spending the next 3 years of our lives, there were teachers on the other side, there to help us. Those 6th grade teachers are what kept us together on a hectic first day.

Many things have changed since I was there, but the experience kids go through on their first day remains the same. Which is why it was great to find out that Mrs.Susan Shaffer was still there to be the dependable, kind teacher that students need on their first day. In fact, she’s been there for 21 “First days” of school at Shiloh Middle.

After receiving a BA in Communications and minoring in Sociology and Marketing, Mrs.Shaffer didn’t immediately become a teacher and felt something was missing. After previously helping her mom, a 2nd grade teacher, her mom suggested she go into teaching because she loved working with children. And with that, Mrs.Shaffer took her mother’s advice and began pursuing her teaching career. It was in the middle school where she felt like she would be the most effective in helping students reach their full potential.

Her great qualities extend past first days of school as she leaves long lasting impacts on students beyond graduation. She’s had former students turn into Valedictorians and credit her for inspiring them to follow their dreams as she did herself.