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A Walk in the Park

When Jack Frost leaves the rolling hills of Georgia and Mother Nature blesses us with the warmth rays of the sun, I treat myself with a visit to Rock Springs Park to embrace this change. This park holds dear to my heart since it was one of the few things that have remained in my community since my childhood.

I drive into the park and pass the tennis court where I spent my summers during middle school. I spent my elementary school summers learning how to align my arm with the racket and hit the green ball with the right amount of force to send it over to the other side of the court. I reminisce how thrilling it was just to get the ball soaring above the net, giving me confidence that I was capable of doing things that I would not have imagined otherwise.

I park into one of many spots and stride to the swings. The swings were my favorite part of the playground. Being one of the oldest kids who attended the park in middle school, I used to sit on the swings and look over my brother, who normally went to the slides. The swings gave me the freedom to fly above the ground and to feel the air untouched by the rest of the world.

I walk past the pavilion, which hosts many birthday parties, family reunions, and once in a while, a wedding reception. The way I’m attached to the site is through the Girl Scouts. They used to hold special occasions there, and those were defining moments in my early years.

I go down the nature trail before leaving the park. Wild grass and leaves grow along the sides of the road. The trees, big and empowering, give a sense of comfort and protection to the wanderers. The trail gives me a sense of tranquility, as it offers me the time away from the busy world and home away from home.

Rock Springs park will always hold a special place in my heart. Even when the weather isn’t the warmest, it will still be my favorite place in Gwinnett.