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An Unlikely Hero at Shiloh High

In almost every cliche teenage movie, there’s a teacher that every student can come to for advice. This teacher is not only the lighthearted character in the movie that the students trust with every shenanigan, but often is also the person who comes out of nowhere to be the unlikely hero.

Mr.Lindsay is that unlikely hero. Since I’ve known him, he’s been the teacher that all of us could just bother for hours after school. Despite his extremely busy schedule and heavy workload, he has always made time for all of his students whenever they needed help or advice.

On my first day of AP Language, the lesson he had prepared for us was none like we’ve ever had before. The lyrics to “Take Me to Church” by Hozier were laid down on our desks.

Our task? To analyze the lyrics and find the overall message in the song. It wouldn’t take us long to realize that this was normal. These “out of the box” lessons and projects kept us interested and made the hard subject of AP Language, an enjoyable one.

For the first time, I didn’t completely dread going to a language arts class. Unlike my other classmates, I had the advantage of having Mr. Lindsay for yearbook, too, which means even with Shiloh’s block schedule, I had to endure Mr. Lindsay’s jokes every day.

With his guidance, it was here in yearbook where I grew creatively and developed new skill sets that I still. This year, being the Senior Editor has made me appreciate and respect all of the work he goes through on a daily basis.

As the daughter of immigrants, I always felt like I had to figure things out all by myself, but thankfully, Mr. Lindsay was there for me whenever I struggled. It’s amazing to think about how even when you feel helpless, there’ll always be a teacher there for you no matter what.

Since Senior Year started, I have asked him to write countless recommendations. It’s my turn to return the favor. I hope this makes up for the years’ worth of shenanigans and favors that I can’t be anything less than extremely grateful for.