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Alpha Preparatory Academy: Fostering Lifelong Learners Through Empowerment

Do you believe your child deserves a personalized education beyond the typical cookie-cutter system? Do you want your child’s bright potential to be honed to its peak by a private, caring and top-of-the-line education team? Or maybe you want your child to be able to keep their friends as they grow through their early education years? If any of these things are true, then Alpha Preparatory Academy’s award-winning team of qualified professionals is here to provide an educational journey that’s the perfect fit for you and your child!

Helping students achieve their greatest potential is at the heart of Alpha Preparatory Academy’s mission. With accessible locations in both Norcross and Snellville, the faith-based academy offers a myriad of industry-leading services including preschool, after school enrichment, summer camp and infant care.

Alpha Preparatory Academy is a Christian facility with the mission to ensure that every child not only gets the love, care and attention they need to flourish in the world, but also to guarantee that every child receives the comprehensive education they need to shine like a star in their later years. In that same line of thinking, Alpha Preparatory Academy also makes sure that your child’s dietary needs are met and exceeded. For example, they only use fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned or processed ones.

Your child deserves a fun, enriching education, nurturing environment and welcoming community, and Alpha Preparatory Academy is here to provide it. After all, the seeds of the future are planted now, so trust the compassionate teachers and faculty at Alpha Preparatory Academy to help your child to flourish into the future!

Alpha Preparatory Academy

350 W Peachtree St

Norcross, GA 30071

4462 Mink Livsey Rd

Snellville, GA 30039