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Being The Change

Taking on a school of 2,000 plus students seems like a daunting task, but not in the hands of Archer High School senior Becca Young. Balancing the roles of president of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, member of the Gwinnett Student Leadership Team, varsity athlete, and academic achiever, Becca does it all. Plus, she devotes her time and embraces her leadership abilities in strengthening the student body.

A large focus of Becca’s is student involvement and building relationships. As her goals for the school revolve around everyone feeling included, Becca and fellow leaders have been working together to coordinate inspiriting events and activities. The year kicked off with a student-led pep rally, enlivening school spirit with games, laughs, and uplifting words from Becca and her peers. In addition, kindness week was a simple, but effective way to let kids show appreciation to their peers, manifesting a positive school environment.

Becca’s devotion to Archer extends beyond the hours of a typical school day. Becca professes, “I pour so much time into [Archer] because I have to spend four years there. I might as well make it a better place.”

With a passion for photography, Becca takes pictures at every school event, using her skill to foster involvement and support. More importantly, Becca is calling upon rising students to be leaders as well.

As a reminder to stand up and do something for the better, Becca started a campaign called “Be the Change.” Becca proclaims, “Don’t be afraid to try things or fail, because if you don’t ever try something, you definitely won’t succeed at it.”

Becca’s commitment to Archer High School has brought incredible change in a positive direction. Making an impact in a school takes more than hoping for a change; it takes confidence, and leadership to be the change.