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Berkmar Media Center Makeover

It’s 6:50 in the morning and the Berkmar Media Center is open for business. Students are rushing in last minute to print out essays, return overdue books and check out a fresh new book. Behind the circulation desk, Mrs. Mitchell administers the never ending task of running a functional library.

As the Media Center Specialist, Mrs. Mitchell arrived at Berkmar in 2013 ready to transform the media center. With such a large space, Mrs.Mitchell envisioned the perfect media center with modern concepts. Transitioning to an academy school greatly helped Mrs.Mitchell pursue her idea of renovating the media center. Mrs.Mitchell described the process of renovating the media center as “a vision becoming a reality with the help of our principal Dr.Taylor.” That reality that has greatly impacted the student body.

Walking into a media center, the books are perfectly shelved in alphabetical order, sometimes even in the specific genre. The truth be told, the library fairy isn’t shelving the books, but a library science student is.

At the end of each school year, Mrs. Mitchell personally interviews candidates to be part of her Library Science class. Sarah Monteiro, a second year library student, spends her week in the media center shelving, organizing and helping Mrs.Mitchell.

With the newly renovated media center, Sarah says, “There’s been a great impact on the students.” Being at the circulation desk, Sarah has seen the students motivation to come and use the amenities the media center provides, such as checking out books to using the new innovative glass study suites. Sarah considers the media center as “a valuable facility for any school, where it contains a plethora of books to read from.”

Not only does Sarah appreciate the media center, but also applauds the person who made the change effective. Mrs.Mitchell made a vision a reality and has impacted the success of the Berkmar Media Center.