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(Lawrenceville, Ga., Feb. 21, 2017) – Commissioners on Tuesday approved pedestrian projects that run along roadways and over water. Three separate projects will address pedestrian needs on Richland Parkway, Old Peachtree and Rock Springs roads, and Harbins and Dacula roads.

District 1 Commissioner Jace Brooks said, “These projects will help to improve pedestrian safety and serve to fill gaps in the sidewalk network.”

At Richland Parkway, the contractor will build a new pedestrian bridge alongside the existing roadway bridge. Lewallen Construction Co. Inc. was the lowest of five bidders at $709,325.22.

The Richland Parkway project includes installing a pedestrian bridge as well as new sidewalks from Shore Drive to Collins Port Cove. The pedestrian bridge will be about 230 feet long and will serve to complete the sidewalk connection from Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road to Taylor Road.

The Old Peachtree/Rock Springs project will include several sections of new sidewalks along both roadways. Also Old Peachtree Road eastbound will be widened from Ridge Oak Drive to Blakely Drive, extending the right turn lane onto Collins Hill Road. The Ohmshiv Construction LLC, bid of $833,326.75 was the lowest of four received for this project.

Ohmshiv was also the low bidder on the project to install sidewalks along four sections of Harbins Road and Dacula Road.

“This project is a partnership between Gwinnett County and the city of Dacula,” said District 3 Commissioner Tommy Hunter. “Dacula used their SPLOST funds to help the County build the project.”

The four sections of sidewalk total just under a mile and will connect gaps of sidewalk from Harbin Oaks Drive to Liam Avenue. Ohmshiv’s bid of $438,619.60 was the lowest of the five bids received for this project.

All of these sidewalk projects include curb and gutter and drainage improvements. All County funding comes from the 2014 SPLOST program.