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Brightside I.T.

Created a decade ago, Brightside I.T. was the merger of one man’s idea to bring fast and friendly customer service to healthcare professionals. CEO and creator, Rich Hervig, saw a window of opportunity in 2005 for healthcare IT services, and jumped on it.

“I was an independent IT consultant back in 2005,” Hervig says. “In 2006 I started Brightside because I wanted to focus on healthcare practices. I saw the upcoming need for electronic healthcare records, HIPAA compliance and security issues.”

Since then, Brightside’s business has prospered and they offer services to the entire metro Atlanta area. Brightside offers I.T. services from Athens to Newnan, from Canton to Stockbridge, and many other places. His employees have multiplied too. His team of six includes two of his brothers. One moved from North Carolina, and the other moved from Oklahoma to make Brightside I.T. truly a family business.

Brightside’s most recent addition, and probably the most exciting, is estimated to be finished early next year. The Brightside I.T. team will soon be opening a new office on the 119 acre Northeast Georgia Medical campus in Braselton, GA. But for now, the team of six employees work primarily from their homes, offering their unique services to Gwinnett and the Atlanta metro area.

What makes Brightside I.T. different than other I.T. companies is that it’s a healthcare I.T. company. And while there are a plethora of general business I.T. companies, there are very few that specialize in private healthcare practices.

“There aren’t many IT companies out there like us, so that makes us pretty unique,” Hervig says. I think what we’ve managed to do is merge together true customer service and reasonable pricing with the unique IT security and compliance needs of healthcare practices.”

“So many things must be considered, the patients privacy being at the top of the list. Even down to the smallest detail, protecting the patient information is top priority.” Hervig says, “We build the networks, servers, security and email systems, and websites anything the practice might need or want.”

At the end of the day, the key to Brightside’s success lies in being responsive and friendly. Hervig believes that when it comes to technology, people get frustrated fast, and the best way to help alienate their stress is to be friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable.

“Our claim to fame is our response time. We learned over the years that what really bugs people about technology is knowing what it can do, but getting stuck in the details. When people need help, they need it ASAP,” Hervig says. “So we make communication and responsiveness our best features. Keeping clients informed of the solution we’re working on is invaluable. Just telling the client that we’re working on it is not good communication. We keep the client in the loop as to what is happening on the issue, the timeframe we think it will take to resolve and what we are going to do to keep it from happening again. It is our aim to help save the day, and give our clients relief!”

Brightside I.T. offers flat rate hassle free IT services and only selects top notch software and hardware. They offer both onsite and remote support. Brightside also offers free network assessments for existing practices. Call today for more information at 678-389-3896.

Brightside Inc.
970 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Suite 100
Suwanee, Georgia 30024

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