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Buford Hosting Aging Rockers Pretending To Be Other Aging Rockers

Foreigner. Kid Rock. AC/DC. Boston. Def Leppard. Guns N/ Roses. Nirvana. Journey.

No, it’s not a mixtape from your twenties. It’s a list of bands you can pretend to see at 37 Main – A Rock Cafe in Buford over the next month.

Tribute bands are all the rage in Gwinnett lately, and 37 Main is hosting a bunch of them. So dust off your flannel shirt (or Member’s Only jacket) and put on the rose-colored shades of nostalgia and head out to one of these shows.

July 28
9:30 pm, 37 Main – A Rock Cafe
Head Games (Foreigner tribute band)

August 3
10:00 pm, 37 Main
Cowboy (Kid Rock tribute band)

August 4
10:00 pm, 37 Main
Back In Black (AC/DC tribute band)

August 10
8:00 pm, 37 Main
Smokin’ (Boston tribute band)

August 11
10:00 pm, 37 Main
Mock of Ages (Def Leppard tribute band)

August 17
10:00 pm, 37 Main
Appetite for Destruction (aka NotQuiteGNR, Guns N’ Roses tribute band)

August 18
8:00 pm, 37 Main
Nevermind (Nirvana tribute band)
with Blank 281, Blink 182 tribute band

August 24
10:00 pm, 37 Main
Departure (Journey tribute band)