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Can I Ask You a Question or Two?

Sweetwater Middle School is an exceptional middle school with an amazing staff and student body. Sweetwater Middle happens to also be the middle school I attended 4 years ago. As it so happens I had the honor to interview Mr. Nebel, the principal of the school, and an anonymous student at Sweetwater Middle School. I asked them two questions regarding Sweetwater Middle School:
1) What makes Sweetwater unique compared to other schools county/statewide?
2) What, in your opinion, is the best quality about Sweetwater Middle School and why?

Mr. Nebel:
1) “One of the things that makes Sweetwater such a unique school is its history. While it has seen much change, Sweetwater has maintained its best qualities. Opened in Lawrenceville in 1976, Sweetwater has experienced the same amazing growth and diversification that has defined the Gwinnett experience. As a result, our school has changed alongside its surrounding community. What’s stayed the same, however, is what defines Sweetwater. A dedication to our students and our community sets the foundation of the work we do each day; Sweetwater has always been committed to serving its stakeholders and ensuring that each of our kids is better for having walked through our doors.”
2) “Without a doubt, Sweetwater’s best feature is its people. While I may be a bit biased, I believe that we serve the best kids and the best community in Gwinnett County! Our faculty is populated by talented, caring, empathetic teachers and support staff whose sole focus is on the betterment of our students.”

Anonymous Student:
1) “Sweetwater Middle School is a great school with excellent teachers. I prefer Sweetwater over my elementary school. The teachers really care about their students and do everything they can to provide us with the best education possible.”
2) “The best thing about Sweetwater are the teachers and the people around me. Everyone is always happy and greets me and my friends warmly.”