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Using Technology To Her Advantage

Mrs. Emily Deese is an 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Duluth Middle. This year is her 12th year teaching, and her 12th year at Duluth Middle! Mrs. Deese went to Auburn University for her undergraduate degree, Walden University for her Master’s degree, and Piedmont College for her Specialist’s degree.

Ever since Mrs. Deese was a little girl, she wanted to be like her mom, a teacher. She played school growing up and knew then that was the only career for her. She chose to teach Social Studies because it is a relatable subject, and there are many parallels, especially with 8th grade Social Studies (Georgia History), to the real world. The way Mrs. Deese teaches her class has changed since I was in her class, but her style has not. When I was in 8th grade, Mrs. Deese made learning Social Studies very interesting by including many videos and review games in her lessons. Her lessons were interesting and thorough. Now Mrs. Deese uses technology to make her lessons even more interesting but also interactive. She uses a program called Nearpod to create an interactive presentation where her students are asked to answer discussion questions, watch videos, analyze pictures, take quizzes, and even draw pictures to illustrate their newly gained knowledge.This program also lets Mrs. Deese monitor her students’ performance to see who is paying attention. Mrs. Deese also uses Kahoot to review her lessons before her tests and quizzes.

Mrs. Deese’s favorite part about being a teacher is when she sees the excitement in her students when they understand something or get a good grade on an assignment. She also likes her fellow co-workers at Duluth and says the administration really treats the faculty right by hosting events for them. Overall, Mrs. Deese loves working at Duluth Middle School and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.