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Recycle and Pick Up Litter! Even the Little Things Count!

When I was younger, I always had the tendency to walk away from my group of friends at the playground to admire the beauty of nature. The trees fascinated me. They were giants in my seven-year-old mind. Swinging on the swings and playing tag weren’t my thing. Instead, I read books, preferably outside. Little did I know that my love for the environment would be a big factor in what I hope to major in for college.

They say junior year is the toughest – I agree. Taking AP classes, getting the best grades, and looking at potential colleges can be stressful. My appreciation for nature started to diminish because of being busy with work until last summer. I started to realize the importance of maintaining the environment when I interned at the Gwinnett Environment and Heritage Center as camp counselor. The moment I realized I wanted to major in something involving the environment was when I was out alone in the woods collecting items for the next day’s lesson. It was quiet. Peaceful. The only thing I heard was the sound of the rushing water flowing down the river. I decided on a major that would include both science and the environment: environmental engineering.

Moving the United States one step closer to sustainability is the goal. Not only should we ensure the citizens’ health, but the environment’s too. It is a personal hope of mine to see the day when alternative energy sources such as solar or wind power become dominate and the burning of fossil fuels becomes little to no more.

As a junior in high school, I have dreams, and I will continue to dream. For now, I’ll make a different by recycling and picking up litter off the road. Everything counts.