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Charlottesville’s Chaos: A Reflection on How to Build Up the Community

The horror recently witnessed in Charlottesville, VA has distressed many across the country, as this type of divide has driven an unspoken wedge between individuals. Now more than ever, we must work to restore the harmony that has been lost in our own communities, whether it be through major or minor actions.

At Collins Hill High School, we believe in cherishing the diversity that our community has to offer. With students of many backgrounds, Collins Hill has several clubs that honor their presence by organizing events that reflect this level of inclusion. These types of events, particularly those organized by students, can encourage a stronger sense of unity within our school. An event such as ‘Culture Night’ can depict this notion.

In March 2017, students of Collins Hill Leadership Team pitched, organized and carried out a night at our school that celebrated different nationalities. This event brought together an abundant amount of students that valued their peers’ backgrounds, and blossomed a newfound interest and appreciation for their friends’ international identities. Having an event like this can certainly foster unity in the community, as it states that everyone is recognized and accepted for who they are.

Another notion that can heal a fading community is coming together to condemn hatred. ‘No Place for Hate’ is an active organization at Collins Hill that fully focuses on the fact that hatred has absolutely no need in the world. Participating in events such as leadership summits on MLK Jr.’s Day displays the passion students have to eliminate hate throughout the community. Such organizations can ignite a fire that would inspire peace and unity. The idea is that essentially, we are all human and we should all support each other and make this world a happier place to be.

It is imperative for people, especially the youth, to spread positivity wherever they go, so that they may sew the gap between others closed. We must start somewhere, and organizing events and clubs that not only celebrate unity, but discourage hatred, can serve as communal reminders, to remain together, to love one another, and to emphasize the unity part of community.