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Behind the Scene: Berkmar Homecoming Preparations

Welcome back, Berkmar Patriots! The first week of school was not the typical icebreaker week as we dove right into business. First order of business – have our annual homecoming festivities meeting. Student council eagerly hosted the meeting in which we finalized the homecoming activities. The meeting was held on August 9th in the new gym lobby after school where the attending student body voted for the top five homecoming themes, ranging from Japanese Garden to Corinthian Courtyard. Students eagerly came up with new innovated homecoming themes.

Creative ideas flowed into the meeting in which we analyzed our five homecoming choices to Japanese Garden, Met Gala, French Garden, Glow in the Dark and Corinthian Courtyard. The student body voted on our final homecoming theme: Glow in the Dark! Not only did we gather to the finalize the top homecoming themes, but we also voted on spirit week. Spirit week is the week of homecoming in which the student body participates in different dress up days. The student body voted for the days which resulted in Multiplicity Monday, Coachella day on Tuesday, Character day on Wednesday, Patriot Spirit day on Thursday and Tie Dye on Friday.

The history of homecoming signifies the welcoming back of former students and celebrating a school’s existence. It is a continuous tradition in the United States and Canada, typically held from August to November. Homecoming is in full range throughout the state and Berkmar is ready to continue with our 51st Homecoming. Homecoming festivities will be held at Berkmar from September 11-17.