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Coach Green Reaches School Spotlight

Coach Green is an excellent pre-calculus teacher and a golf coach at Peachtree Ridge. His way of teaching is unique and he always makes it fun to learn. Throughout the semester so far, he has helped many students, and made learning math more enjoyable. Summer Sterling (student) says she has enjoying going to pre-calculus class ever since Coach Green became her teacher, because of how caring and supportive he is whenever she seeks help.

It is certain that Coach Green carries passion in teaching his math class while making it fun to learn for everybody. It is no wonder why the majority of his students favor him. Christina Kim (student) shared her thoughts about her time in his class, she states, ” Coach Green is by far my favorite teacher at this school because he always helps me with any problems I have and encourages me to work even harder to become a successful student. I can tell how much he loves to teach his students while spreading humor until laughter fills the whole room.”
Coach Green is definitely the most caring person and strives to teach in fun ways while making sure that every student is successful in his class.