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Mr. Herbert Makes Learning Fun – Every Day!

As a 7th grade social studies teacher at Hull Middle School, Mr. Herbert demonstrates excellent teaching abilities and encourages fun learning for his students. He makes sure that every one of his students understand the material that is taught, he is patient and always willing to re-teach a topic if necessary. One of his students, Josie Smith, states, “If it wasn’t for Mr.Herbert, I don’t think I would have as much fun learning and going to school everyday. His fun and unique way of teaching makes learning social studies so amazing and I enjoy going to his class the most.”

Not only does Mr. Herbert make learning interesting for his students, he also engages in helping them. Josie Smith also states, “Anytime I have concerns or need extra help on a particular subject, Mr. Herbert always makes time for me after school for extra help.” Mr. Herbert is definitely a superstar-teacher who shows enthusiasm for his students and their daily classes.. It is no wonder why Mr.Herbert has previously won several awards during his previous years as a social studies teacher at Hull Middle School.