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College Days are the Best Days!

College comes with some big life changes. We’ve got you covered with a college life checklist to help you start your journey.


First-time students often don’t know what to expect when moving onto campus. To achieve better success, try taking these steps:

• Set a routine to help you adjust to your schedule and stay on track.

• Find a study partner or join a study group.

• Make time to exercise. Most modern campuses offer a fitness center (or sidewalks/jogging trails if the gym is not your thing).

• Maintain a healthy diet and get enough sleep.

• Hone your time management skills.


Moving onto campus is probably the most nerve-wracking aspect of starting college. To ease this transition, you should:

• Visit your college’s website to see what items may be encouraged or prohibited to bring.

• Pop in to see your resident advisor early on. They are there to help.

• Get to know the people you’re living with.

• Make plans to grab coffee with your roommate to help things get off to a good start.


Most students dream of being paired with the perfect roommate and becoming best friends for a lifetime. If that dream doesn’t work out, that’s OK. See what you might have in common and put your focus there to try to at least develop a good rapport. Many colleges provide incoming students an online compatibility survey to increase chances of being paired with a compatible roommate. If so, definitely take it!


Extracurricular activities are a great way to explore college life and make new friends. Some activities you can participate in or attend include:

• Special interest clubs and organizations

• Greek life

• Movie nights and live performances

• Video game marathon nights arranged by many dorm members

If you don’t see an activity that jumps out at you or if you’re looking for something specific that doesn’t exist, start a new club or activity!


Here are a few things to keep on your radar as your move-in date arrives:

• Evaluate your college’s meal options.

• Does your school offer a mobile app?

• Download a digital map (or grab a paper one) to refer to for your first couple of weeks. Learn where the key places are – food options, health clinic, classroom buildings and the library.

• If you do run into a conflict, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

• Don’t forget your shower shoes!