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Creating the Foundation for a Strong Work Ethic, One Child at a Time

Peggy Hernandez is a second grade teacher at Rock Springs Elementary School. Mrs. Hernandez studied at the University of North Dakota, far away from Suwanee, Georgia. Despite this fact, she still ended up becoming a teacher in Gwinnett County Public Schools.
I was born and raised in Lawrenceville, Georgia, I attended Rocksprings Elementary School, and, in the second grade, Mrs. Hernandez was my teacher. Potentially, I am viewing my elementary school years through rose-colored glasses, but, upon much reflection, I found that Mrs. Hernandez is as good of a teacher as I remember. As a high school student, I can now see how crucial my elementary school teachers were to my life. Elementary school teachers truly do provide the foundational beliefs that can make or break a student, and Mrs. Hernandez is one teacher who provides the most solid foundation possible for her students.

Mrs. Hernandez always sought to engage students in their learning in any way she could find. Mrs. Hernandez showed me the fun that could be found in learning new things. Mrs. Hernandez taught me at the ripe, young age of 8 years old what it means to work hard. By the time Mrs. Hernandez and my second grade year were done with me, the foundation of a strong work ethic had been laid. Mrs. Hernandez, however, taught me and other students the skills that would extend far beyond our academic careers. As with any good elementary school teacher, Mrs. Hernandez realized that her influence as a teacher went far beyond the AKS and content that she was required to teach. She fostered a classroom that promoted our individuality as students while simultaneously encouraging us to work together.

I cannot thank Mrs. Hernandez enough for all of these things. I truly believe I would not be the student or person that I am today without the influence of my elementary school teachers, especially Mrs. Hernandez. My only hope is, after realizing the power that elementary school teachers truly have, is that all teachers follow in the footsteps of Mrs. Hernandez in order to lay the foundation for intelligent, industrious students.