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Cyber Day: A Futuristic Approach to Education

Over this past school year, we have gone through various forms of inclement weather that has not been experienced in Georgia in a while. In the first semester, Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria hit the United States, affecting millions of people. Although Gwinnett is far off the coast, we still experienced their events here. Thus, we had a few days off last semester.

This semester, we received snow, which has not been an unusual occurrence in Georgia in the past several years. Students could not reach school, however, in order to avoid extra days added to the school year and disruption of summer vacation, the county came up with an innovative plan: Cyber Days!

Cyber Days are designed to let teachers assign work as they would on a normal school day through eClass. Students are expected to complete and submit their work before midnight, thus no learning time will be gone. Although many students across the county were experiencing this for the first time, students at GSMST have an advantage. We already do Cyber Days whenever the rest of the county has early release because of the overlap in bus systems across the middle and high schools.

So, as the rest of our peers were completing their work in a fascinating (and quite remarkable) way, GSMST students took on the day with nonchalance. Regardless, the whole idea of Cyber Days demonstrates technology at its finest!