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Cybersecurity Program Teaches Current Tools in Technology

Laura Hofer, a cybersecurity student at Gwinnet Tech, won’t graduate until December, but she’s confident she’ll find a job. One reason: she’s active in Gwinnett Tech clubs that provide frequent networking opportunities and access to internships. Plus, the program also has a great reputation among employers. A number of information technology firms look to Gwinnett Tech for qualified, ready-to-work graduates.

Hofer, who was formerly a social worker, said students learn the most-up-to-date tools in technology and earn industry-recognized certifications.

“I was hesitant starting out. I’m 32, a career changer, I knew nothing about computers,” she said. She found Gwinnett Tech faculty and classmates eager to help and now feels confident that her skills and knowledge will be sought-after by employers.


In the photo: Cybersecurity program director Jimmy Crum and student Laura Hofer