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Dance for Everyone at North Georgia Academy of Dance

Yvonne Antinazi, owner of the North Georgia Academy of Dance, describes the goal of her dance school as making dance available to all.

It’s the kind of thing you hear from business leaders, who don’t necessarily take a lot of direct action to make it happen. Not so for Yvonne.

“We are continually offering new classes and experiences for children of all ages, genders and abilities,” she says… and it’s not just true for children. In addition to all the classes you’d expect for kids of a wide range of ages and capabilities, NGAD now offers a new adult ballet/jazz class. And the school has formed a partnership with Rhythm To Grow ( to start a Kindermusik program.

All of this comes from a foundation that will resonate with Love Gwinnett fans. “We are all about positivity, encouragement and inclusion and helping our local community by giving back our gift of dance,” Yvonne says.

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