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Nowhere is the term “fumble” more used than in football, and Peachtree Ridge has recently been experiencing a fumble in its record. However, the rough start has not discouraged our players, cheerleaders, and school spirit. Many cheering fans look forward to Friday Nights where the school spirit makes it hard to tell if the stadium lights are keeping the field bright or if it is the fans’ passionate energy.

On Friday, September 22, at 7:30 PM, the Lions will be ready to fight. The hard work, sweat and tears that the players endure everyday after school, having to be balanced with academics, and for some—jobs, will be seen out on the field on Friday night. Not only the players, but the marching band and cheerleaders have been hard at practice outside in the Georgia heat to support and stand by our team! The school spirit at Peachtree Ridge is incredible with posters all over the walls before every game, including our game against Discovery.

Students who represent themselves and are proud to be a Lion are speaking about the game, tweeting about the game and planning on painting themselves in school colors to show support for the game. Our school community improves with more spirit and more involvement, and every student, faculty member and supporter of the Peachtree Ridge cluster should make it to the game on Friday. Come support and watch the game against the Titans be one to “remember”!