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Eat This, Not That For Your Teeth

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Eat This, Not That For Your Teeth

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Recently, I had a patient that has been in my practice for 16 years come for a routine dental examination. He has never been cavity prone, yet this day proved to be different! Six cavities how did this happen?

As we sat down to discuss what changes had occurred in the last six months, one big change seemed to be the factor lemons!

His medical doctor had recommended that he drink several glasses of lemon water daily. Turns out, his body PH was on the acidic side, and his doctor wanted to bring his body to a more neutral PH. But why, if a lemon is acidic, would his doctor want him to drink lemon water? A food’s acidic or alkaline forming tendency in the body has nothing to do with the actual PH of the food itself. Lemons are very acidic, however the end products they produce after digestion are alkaline, so lemons are alkaline forming in the body.

Meat is another example. Meat will mostly test alkaline before digestion, but it then leaves acidic residue in the body, thus classifying it as an acid-forming food! The example of the lemon water is a perfect analogy of how it may be good to help restore homeostasis in the body, but deteriorate the teeth in the process.


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