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Edwin Lovin: Hard work and a love for children lead to a school named in his honor.

Lovin Elementary School is named in memory of Edwin Lovin, a well respected educator whose career with Gwinnett County Public Schools spanned 34 years.  Mr. Lovin began his career with GCPS at Dacula High School in 1949 where he was the instructor of the Veteran’s Farm Training Program. He later taught history, science, biology, and vocational agriculture.

Students describe him as being an excellent and enthusiastic instructor. One former pupil stated, “The quality that I best remember about Mr. Lovin is that he expressed concern to each student and to everyone with whom he came in contact.”

In 1963, Mr. Lovin became a visiting teacher working in the county office. Principals recall his dedication, concern for children, and contributions to the community.

Mr. Lovin joined the Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Personnel Department as Director in 1972, and was later named the first Assistant Superintendent of Personnel for the system.

“Mr. Lovin has contributed significantly toward the greatness of Gwinnett County Public Schools. By his effort and ingenuity, he developed a first class personnel division with a minimum number of support staff,” remarked J.W. Benefield, former superintendent. Mr. Lovin is credited with conducting a constant talent search for the best teachers in the Southeast.

Hard work, love for children, and respect for all people are just a few of the characteristics about Mr. Lovin so many people admired. His success in life is attributed to a consistency in beliefs, actions, and lifestyle. Mr. Lovin was, indeed, a devoted father, husband, and professional educator. Upon Mr. Lovin’s retirement in 1983, former superintendent Dr. Alton C. Crews shared these remarks:

“Thank you Edwin Lovin; you have given more than you have received in this life. If all who pass this way contribute as much as Ed Lovin, this old world would be a better place in which to live.”

Mr. Lovin’s wisdom, genuine concern for others, and loyalty in his personal and professional life will always be remembered. It is a wonderful tribute to a great man to name Lovin Elementary in his honor.