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Frida’s: More Than Just a Restaurant

Since 2012, Frida’s Mexican Restaurant has been serving the people of Gwinnett traditional Mexican style dishes with a modern flair. Executive chef Abel Gonzalez and owner Yeiny Sanchez’s secret to success lies within their customer and employee appreciation, as well as their desire to succeed.

Gonzalez is no stranger to the restaurant industry. He’s worked at popular restaurants like Frontera Mex Mex Grill, and La Cazuela Mexican Cantina. With nearly 20 years of experience, his dream came true when he had the opportunity to open up his own restaurant.

“I have worked just about every position possible and soaked up all the experience I could,” Gonzalez says. “I dedicated a lot of time to grow each establishment I worked at and I knew that I wanted to put that time and effort into something of my own. I had a vision of what I wanted. Working in other restaurants gave me the experience and resources that I needed to make my vision come to life.”

Now that Gonzalez’s dream has come true, he works day in and day out to provide the best experience possible for his customers, by holding himself and his employees to a higher standard of consistency and providing great food. He takes time to train his staff and help them meet his standards of excellence.

“We care about them (employees) personally as well as professionally,” Gonzalez says. “When you have a staff that is cared for and shown appreciation, it’s reflected in their work ethic. A happy staff with the proper training helps deliver exceptional service.”

It’s this great service and employee satisfaction, that’s helped him create the long lasting customer relationships that he has today.

“I have people that come to my establishment who I have known for years and have been with me from the beginning,” Gonzalez says. “I get to witness their children grow and be around for their milestones. It gives me a sense of community.”

And at the end of the day, what matters most to Gonzalez is the feeling of it all. He wants customers to feel welcome. He strives to make every customer feel at home.

“Frida’s is not just a restaurant,” Gonzalez says. “For a lot of our customers it’s a second home, a place they can go to and relax. It is a place where people are treated like family.”

To learn more about Frida’s Mexican Restraurant, visit There are lunch specials, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and more.