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Futbol Is Kicking At Richards

As a soccer player, nothing excites me more than being able to watch or play the sport I love most. It was without any hesitation that I wanted to get a better insight on what Richards Middle School’s futbol team was all about.

Mr. Spivey is a teacher at Richards Middle School and is a part of the STEM academy. In addition, he is the head coach for both boys and girls soccer teams. When asked why Mr. Spivey wanted to run the program, he says that he’s “always thought the best place to play soccer was in middle school.”

Not only Richards, but Gwinnett County also, has a wide-spread population of students who appreciate the game. It was a no brainer that Mr. Spivey wanted to create a program that not only prepared soccer players for high school, but also allowed students who do not play club an opportunity to play competitively.

Mr. Spivey has been coaching for about ten years and has played soccer for over forty years. He never realized that creating this team at Richards would create a movement across the county. On March 17-18, 2018, he will be hosting his third annual tournament called “The Futbol Classic.” Gwinnett County middle schools come together to enjoy a weekend filled with soccer. Mr. Spivey believes this is the most unique experience he’s had while coaching at Richards Middle School.

There has been success throughout the years – with over 100 students attending tryouts, to ending the season with both teams winning county championships. Soccer has grown tremendously across the nation. As Mr. Spivey likes to say, “Futbol is alive and kicking in Gwinnett County middle schools.”