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Creekland Faculty Teaches Students to SOAR

Creekland Middle School is the final step before riding the four-year long rollercoaster that is high school. Four different elementary schools feed into Creekland, setting the stage for the students to familiarize themselves with their future high school classmates.

Any transition requires some form of readjustment and the first to greet the students beginning middle school are the sixth grade teachers. Teachers are fundamental at every stage of the academic career since they are responsible for providing the students with opportunities to learn all the tools necessary in order to succeed the following year and beyond. The thousands of students attending Creekland can rest assured knowing that the staff is dedicated to providing the best academic experience possible, as well as preparation for beyond these walls.

Sixth grade math teacher Mrs. Peebles notes that they provide rigorous activities for the students in order to prepare them for high school and beyond. On top of that, Mrs. Peebles also believes that students learn how to show service, respect, ownership, accountability and respect (SOAR) from the courses at Creekland. In essence, Creekland preps their students for their academic journeys and sees the benefit of adding to each student’s character so they can represent themselves and their community in an outstanding manner.

Apart from the student dedication, Mrs. Peebles commends “the support the teachers receive from administration.” Even sixth grade student, Marjorie, appreciates the real-world work experience she receives by working for Creekland’s Soarbucks. Creekland Middle School grows and prospers through the support and dedication found in every relationship.