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Gabriella’s Story of Perseverance and Strength

Gabriela Maduro-Salvarrey is one of the finest students at Peachtree Ridge High School. She truly upholds Peachtree Ridge’s motto of being “The Standard of Excellence.” Gabi has persevered through some very tough times and is now one of the finest, smartest, and well known students at Peachtree Ridge High School.

Gabriela was born in Austell, Ga and moved to Knoxville, TN when she was young. When her younger brother, Braulio, was born, he suffered from jaundice. Around the same time, her dad lost his job. Then, her family faced an apartment fire, and lost most of their possessions.
Before Gabi began kindergarten, her dad found a job in Atlanta, so they moved out of Tennessee. In fifth grade, Gabi moved to Mason Elementary School and has been in the Peachtree Ridge cluster ever since.

After making it through such a rough patch in her childhood, she became determined to make the best of her young adult life. Gabi has taken her future in her hands and is setting up a bright future for herself through the extracurricular activities she participates in at Peachtree Ridge. Since tenth grade, she has been a part of the Gwinnett Student Leadership Team (GSLT), a selective two and a half year county wide leadership program in which three sophomores are chosen from each high school every year. Along with the Gwinnett Student Leadership Team, Gabi has been a member of Peachtree Ridge High School’s chapter of HoPe, the Hispanic Organization Promoting Education, since her freshman year. She took on a leadership position as apprentice of the Vice President of Service as a sophomore, and is currently serving as the Vice President of Development. Academically speaking, Gabi earned an academic letter her freshmen year for earning above a 94% average in all her academic courses. She was ranked first in our class freshmen year and fourteenth in our sophomore year.

Gabi has also recently joined the National Honor Society through invitation; she received this honor by earning a 94% cumulative average in all of her courses. She is one of the smartest, strongest, and sweetest students here at Peachtree Ridge High School, and I am proud to call her my best friend.