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GAC Raises $30 Million, Surpassing Capital Campaign Goal

Greater Atlanta Christian School announced Tuesday it surpassed its $29.7 million capital campaign goal — raising a total of $30 million.

Titled “The Path Forward,” the campaign is the largest in GAC’s 48-year history.

GAC President, Dr. David Fincher, shares, “Greater Atlanta Christian has always been on a fast track forward.  It’s in our DNA to strive for the absolute best in research-based learning aligned with powerful character building programs and people.  This successful campaign has launched us again in significant ways, all for our students and families.  It has allowed us to do much more than impact facilities.   While facilities matter, the greatest impacts will be seen in areas of learning, expanded resources, supporting great teaching, plus building community and faith.  Mainly—the campaign will make it possible for the GAC student of today to advance to incredible new levels not possible before.”

When the campaign launched publicly in 2015, it prioritized four key areas for improvement: Academics, the Arts, Athletics, and Faith.

Initiatives included renovations to six existing facilities, including the two original academic buildings built in 1968, and the addition of four new facilities.

When construction is complete, there will be over 180,000 square feet of new or completely renovated space on campus.

Fueled by early support from GAC families, friends, alumni, as well as foundations, several of The Path Forward campaign’s construction projects have already been completed.

“Due to early gifts, several projects in the new plans have already been completed or are already well underway.  Once we were certain of funding, project after project was started.  About 30% are completed, with the largest of ten projects ready for fall of 2016.  None of these major advances would have been possible without the massive support of GAC friends and supporters from across metro Atlanta.”

Initiatives completed thus far include:

  • The transformation of the existing business building into the new Art and Design Center, doubling the space of GAC’s growing Visual Arts program.
  • The new Environmental Learning Center expands outdoor learning for elementary students, including a chicken coop, student-directed greenhouse, and edible garden.
  • The new Cross Tower and Center Stage located at the heart of campus provides additional worship space, a place for baptisms, and special events.
  • The redesigned Strickland Plaza expands outdoor learning space for Junior High and Senior High.
  • More space is now available for athletic teams and their training in the new Hoover Field House.
  • More field and practice space is available for lacrosse, football, baseball, and softball through the new Multi-Sport Complex.

Future Construction

Currently, the Junior High Building and the Senior High Complex are being redesigned to ensure that students and faculty have access to more collaborative and interactive classrooms for teaching and learning.

Construction to convert the Campus Chapel Building to the new Center for Performing Arts is set to begin in fall 2016.

All construction is scheduled to be completed by May 2017.

Ongoing campaign initiatives

The Path Forward campaign also covers academic programs like the Leadership and Entrepreneurial Program that spans kindergarten through 12th grade. Through specially designed curriculum, mentoring, and annual speakers, students will gain leadership training with character building.

Additionally, $3.2 million will be set aside to provide ongoing professional development for teachers, and to recruit the best educators for GAC students.


“This campaign is permanently transforming GAC, from the full 88-acre campus to the entire learning and Christian community.  The word ‘innovation’ is popular in education, but much more difficult to make a reality.  Thanks to powerful support, GAC is able to make it reality, and one of the finest programs available to students anywhere in the nation.”

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