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GCPS 2021 Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Katie Blum, a second-grade teacher at Sugar Hill Elementary School, approaches teaching with the priority of uplifting others and setting them up for a bright future. Her commitment to putting others first not only helps her students grow, but also helps her fellow educators to foster an even more supportive community inside the school. That’s probably why GCPS named her as their 2021 Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Blum has been teaching for just five years, all within GCPS. With GCPS being a very diverse school system, she approaches her work with cultural responsiveness, or the understanding and consideration of the different cultural backgrounds of her students. Mrs. Blum also works consciously to ensure that her classroom is a safe space where her students feel accepted and supported. She believes that creating a trusting classroom environment is critical for her students to gain self-efficacy and expand their skills.

Mrs. Blum also puts her all into setting her fellow educators up for success. She is a co-leader of Sugar Hill Elementary’s Teacher Mentoring Program, where new teachers are paired up mentor to collaborate, exchange feedback, and make the school a stronger community.

Her enduring generosity, dedication, and care towards others are what make her such an extraordinary teacher. Congrats, Mrs. Blum!