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Graduate for Mas Challenge at Central High

Are you ready to help Central win some money and have a celebrity visit our school?  If you accept the challenge; here’s how you can help.

CGHS will be participating in Taco Bell’s Graduate for Mas challenge this semester.  This is a great program that encourages students to attend school every day, make the promise to graduate, and reach their goals.  By participating, students are awarded prizes and incentives; while also helping them develop their academic and college readiness skills.

How can you help?  The more students that make the promise and participate in the online activities at, the more points Central will earn in the competition.  Once 30% of the student body has signed up and made the promise, we will receive a $500 school grant.  Additionally, we have the opportunity to win from $1,000-10,000 dollars for the school as well as a celebrity celebration/visit.

This is a great opportunity that will benefit CGHS and our students by:

1. Supporting College and Career readiness
2. Motivating our students to graduate
3. Creating a school-wide goal

4. Providing students with scholarship information and great prizes.
The link below is a great clip regarding the LiveMas scholarship.