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Greater Atlanta Christian School’s “John Lennon and Me” at the Southeastern Theater Conference

Greater Atlanta Christian School’s one-act play, “John Lennon and Me,” offered a command performance during the 11-state Southeastern Theater Conference in Greensboro, NC in March. THe hilarious and heart-wrenching play previously won the Georgia Theater Competition’s State Award and brings attention to the disease of cystic fibrosis.

The cast performed to a packed house at Greensboro College, receiving a standing ovation. GAC senior Rachel Finazzo was recognized as Best Actress and an All-Star Cast Member. Congratulations to director and case members!

John Lennon and Me” was adapted from Cherie Bennett’s three-act play.

In the image above…

Top row from right to left are: Alexandra Hord, Parker Jennings, Robert Jackson, Connor Tarpley, Stephen Lamb, and Clif Jones
Bottom row righ tto left are: Bethany Wood, Dorey Casey, Caroline Wigmore, Rebecca Buechler, and Rachel Finazzo