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Greater Atlanta Christian Teacher Receives Appointment from Governor

Governor Nathan Deal announced Friday, the appointment of Dr. Isiah Hill to the Board of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for a three-year term. Dr. Hill will have a voice in shaping the educational and professional requirements standards related to certifications for the entire state of Georgia.

Having taught AP and Honors Chemistry at Greater Atlanta Christian School, Dr. Hill also serves as an assistant coach for the girls’ basketball team and the varsity track and field program. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Georgia Institute of Technology. Before he joined GAC, Dr. Hill served as a Senior Research Chemist for the 3M Corporation and for Georgia Pacific.

Prior to the selection of Dr. Hill, only two other individuals from the private/independent school sector have ever been named to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The board consists of 18 commissioners that represent the private sector, public education, and higher education.

The Coordinating Committee considered Dr. Hill’s credentials among the finest. Upon learning of his appointment, Dr. Hill was surprised and ready to serve, saying, “I am truly thrilled and honored.”

Dr. David Fincher, President of Greater Atlanta Christian School, shared, “Dr. Hill is a significant strength to all GAC: high in ethics, abounding in faith, and a scholar in his own right. Add to all that…he’s an incredible mentor and teacher. His contagious smile and strong expectations make him beloved by GAC students – and vital to our work. It’s no wonder Governor Deal has tapped Dr. Hill to serve on the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. And I love that while his influence will spread to the entire teaching profession, he will still be right here at GAC, shaping young scholars every day.”