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GTA Performance: Repairs Done Right the First Time

Come to GTA Performance to get your repairs done by highly trained technicians with access to the technical information they need to provide you with the service you can trust. The result of the first successful 5 years in Lawrenceville, comes from the fact owner Scott Cope grew up in his father’s auto service business where he learned what integrity, honesty, honor, and respect is all about.

GTA Performance guarantees our work nation wide. Our partnership with Auto Service Plus means that more than 1,000 Auto Service plus locations throughout North America provide service you can trust. From estimates you can believe and our quality repair assurance guarantee, to comfortable waiting areas, we are changing the face of automotive repair.

Caring for your car

We want to make sure that your car is in the best condition it can be. That’s why we want to offer some suggestions to help you know when it’s time to come pay us a visit.  If your engine light, brake light, or other warning lights comes on, a quick inspection will usually help you prevent costly and lengthy repairs. You know your car better than anyone, so listen to see if something is unusual. It’s fun to drive with music, but at least once a day it helps to turn off the radio and listen for any unusual noises or knocking in your car.  A loose bearing, brake pad, or something else can cause serious damage, so keep an ear out! Weather changes can also cause pressure changes and can shorten the life of a tire. Keeping your tires properly maintained will also save you money on gas!

Keeping your car up to date saves money.

It’s easy to get in our cars and just go, but that can’t happen if our car isn’t working properly. Many of the problems that cost you the most time and money come from a lack of keeping your car up to date and properly maintained.

Remember these 4 tips to keep you running:

1. long-term investing: Every 5,000 miles you should have your engine oil and filter changed. Some vehicle manufacturers recommend every 7,500 miles, depending on what type of oil your vehicle calls for. This simple service can save your engine instead of costing you thousands of dollars.

2. Transmission:  Keep minor transmission issues from becoming major ones by regularly removing your old transmission fluid and replacing it with new clean fluid.

3. Air Filtration:Help your fuel efficiency and acceleration while reducing emissions with an air filter inspection. Install a new air filter if needed.

4. A/C Service:Keeping cool is no sweat when you do regular A/C system inspections and recharge if necessary.

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